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Surgical Hardware Technology – Finally a Breakthrough

It’s been three decades since there were any real advancements in surgical hardware material technology. With all the developments of ultra-modern medicine, [...]
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When People Become a Team

I talk about my team. Using the word team is a conscious action – it means something. The other day I posted about the [...]
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So, You Want To Be an Orthopedic Surgical Rep?

Being an orthopedic surgical rep sounds like a super cool job to a lot of people. I won’t lie to you, it [...]
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Pharmacy Relationship Management

Our Pharmacy Team spends a lot of time pouring over spreadsheets. The team spends no time counting pills and they don’t wear [...]
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More Than Ancillary Medicine

You probably get from the name Medcillary that we operate in the arena of what is typically referred to as ancillary medicine. [...]
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Don’t Get Too Attached to Your Chair – Why Leaders Should Engage With Those on The Other Side of the Desk

Everyone who runs a business says they want to get out from behind the desk. But how many of us actually do [...]
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