Physician Services

Physician Services

Comprehensive clinical and laboratory services that meaningfully enhance care by improving patient experience, outcomes and enhancing the precision, scope of physician assessment.

Medcillary provides blood diagnostics that are customizable and easily understood by patients, while connecting physicians with the right people.

Medcillary offers top-of-the-line technology – with comprehensive options – to make testing efficient, accurate, and specific.

Medcillary gives primary-care physicians the opportunity to diagnose allergies and autoimmune disorders via blood tests. Get conclusive diagnoses and identify patients’ allergy triggers simply and efficiently.

Medcillary offers pathogen panels that allow physicians to determine the location of the pathogen and if it is viral, bacterial or parasitic, while providing relevant information to guide treatment decisions.

Medcillary provides physicians with the necessary tools for biopsy tests, aspirations and nail fungi.

Medcillary provides tools that help physicians determine if a cancer is hereditary and identify abnormal genes that effect the development of cancer.

Medcillary gives physicians the option of different tools to test the efficacy of pharmaceuticals to guide treatment and increase safety and efficiency.

Medcillary connects physicians to amino acid testing panels that can identify insufficiencies and imbalances.

Medcillary gives physicians the opportunity to utilize state-of-the-art technology to increase accuracy, efficiency and, ultimately, the happiness and well-being of the patients.

Medcillary’s offering of durable medical equipment allows physicians to escape the worry of finding the right providers for each patient scenario. Find a variety of bracing options and items to make patient recovery quicker and easier.

Take Home DVT Pump

Functional Bracing

Post-Operative Bracing

Medcillary works with physicians to provide them with the latest services involving A/R forensic recovery.

Recovering Lost Insurance Revenue

Sophisticated Technology Algorithms

Post Recovery Prevention of Accounts Receivable

Payer Driven Appeals Strategies

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