September 22, 2021 (Dallas) – President Joe Biden’s suggestion of a vaccine mandate for companies with more than one-hundred employees has caused a lot of corporate head scratching. While politicians are fighting over the constitutionality of the mandate, HR managers and business owners in the 200,000 U.S. companies with one-hundred-plus employees are wondering how to implement the new guidelines.

“Up to $14,000 per violation – that’s a hefty fine that can add up fast if you’re a business owner,” said Medcillary CEO Jon Boski, referring to the proposed, compounding fine for companies that don’t comply with the mandate. “Business owners want to make sure they get this right.”

A bevy of federal agencies are still hammering out the specifics of Biden’s proposed mandate. Right now, the government is suggesting employers provide employees paid time off to get vaccinations. Employees that don’t want the shot will be required to get tested weekly. C-suites are nervous. They see plummeting productivity and a compliance nightmare.

“Let’s bring the vaccinations and testing to the office,” said Boski. “Make the process more convenient for employee, less disruptive and more manageable for companies.”

He continued by saying you can’t expect companies to hire new staff qualified to deliver the vaccine or weekly testing to employees.

Boski, who has become something of a COVID-19 crusader, donating masks to schools and calling out what he termed “congressional COVID chaos,” is offering to set up and manage inhouse vaccination clinics for companies free of charge.

“This is a catalyst to end COVID. The vaccines obviously are free. We’ll provide the on-site service free to the company if it means getting more people vaccinated,” Boski said. “When the Press Release Immediate Release President made the mandate announcement, we were already getting ready to set up fall vaccination drives. We immediately refocused because it’s the right thing to do.”

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