The doctor's hand is making a wound on the arm of an elderly woman who has an accident

Wound Care

Advanced tissue and hydrophilic allografts and next-generation extracellular solutions for in-office and interoperative wound care.

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  • carePATCH is dehydrated product stored at ambient temperature with a 2 year Shelf Life.
  • carePATCH retains amniotic membrane’s natural structure, including epithelium and basement membrane layers.
  • carePATCH acts as a wound cover, that is¬† a natural bandage shielding wounds from its external enviroment.
  • Procenta is an acellular, highly hydrophilic, structural extracellular matrix derived from placental connective
  • Structural, human tissue allograft (FDA/TRG recommendation letter received).
  • Comprised of extracellular matrix scaffold that serves as a cover, to offer protection from the surrounding environment, and to retain fluid.
  • Allograft produced from human placental tissue. Intended for homologous use to supplement or replace damaged or inadequate connective tissue.
  • Stored at ambient temper azure, ready for application in a sterile vial
  • 4 year shelf life.

Surgical Powder: 1-gram and 5-gram vials.

  • Provides the optimum environment for healing; helps protect the wound from physical and bacterial injury (applied above fascia layer)
  • Rapidly forms a gel in the presence of wound exudate.

Surgical Gel: 28-gram tube

  • Ideal for covering incisions (sutures/staples) at closing and during healing.


Acellular, lyophilized amniotic allograft barrier/membrane

  • Aseptically processed to preserve extracellular matrix, growth factors and cytokines native to amniotic tissue.
  • Two distinct sides: an epithelial side and a stromal side. The epithelial side is smooth while the stromal side is dull.
  • The graft has a 2-3 mm vertical orientation guide slit that when in the upper right corner, the epithelial side is facing upward.