The Gift of Leadership

What’s your gift? A leader doesn’t just bring out the best in his team. A leader can identify the winning traits his teammates don’t know they possess. What are your two greatest gifts? Focus on these two personal attributes as your most powerful tools for management. Look at your team. Identify the two greatest gifts each member of your team brings to the table. Nurture those gifts. Provide your team members with roles that leverage their gifts so they grow personally and professionally. As your organization expands, ask candidates to identify their two greatest gifts. Ask questions that help you identify gifts that complement your existing talents. It’s not about filling gaps. It’s about putting all the gifts together to assemble one mind-blowing package.

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Medcillary is a healthcare consultancy and distributorship helping prepare people for tomorrow, today. They’re identifying innovative products and services that are making medicine better. The company was founded in 2015 and operates in forty-nine states from headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Medcillary can be found on the web at


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