Surgical Hardware Technology – Finally a Breakthrough

It’s been three decades since there were any real advancements in surgical hardware material technology. With all the developments of ultra-modern medicine, it is astounding to think that nothing new and better has come along. The stainless steel and titanium that dominate the industry is thirty-year-old science.

This is why we were so intrigued when we saw a presentation for breakthrough Carbon Fiber implants. The modulus of elasticity was so incredibly similar to real bone. The developer claimed radiolucency and fatigue resistance fifty times greater than metal. It all seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t – and that’s why we signed on immediately.

This really is the first dramatic advancement in surgical hardware technology in a generation. And, ironically, it comes with a material that didn’t work so well for other developers that weren’t able to crack the carbon fiber code. The difference is a continuous carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The Polymer (PEEK) adhere the fibers together. The continuous carbon fibers are layered in a unidirectional, longitudinal orientation, as well as in helical / diagonal orientation. The result is a flexible, incredibly strong material that saves surgeons the worry of cold welding and has been facilitating dramatically faster recovery times.

For a company that prides itself on providing cutting-edge services and products today so physicians are ready for tomorrow, this is a gem we can’t stop talking about.


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