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The next generation in Regenerative Medicine

Natural, extracellular vesicles that carry genetic information and proteins to cells throughout your body.

Exosomes create paths for communication between cells, aiding the repair of peripheral nerve damage, accelerating wound healing, bone fusion, and stimulating tissue / skin rejuvenation.

Medcillary’s research partners are on the forefront of FDA approval…

Our solution is formulated at a 20 billion per ml solution – non diluted.

That is more than double the concentration of any other exosome product available.

We’re the only exosome lab with an issued FDA Master File.

Medcillary Healthcare Solutions

The multiple uses of Exosomes

  • Wound Care
  • Soft Tissue Repair
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Cosmetics


The doctor treats the wound on the patient's leg in a clinic room.

Wound Care

IASTM treatment, girl receiving soft tissue treatment on her neck with a stainless steel tool

Soft Tissue Repair


Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Female with facial cosmetic mask



Available Now

Injectable exosomes

We are the only Exosome provider with an FDA Master File, allowing any physician to obtain exosomes to use for their own clinical evaluation


Sterile VIal


Sterile VIal

Wound Care

Hydro Gel in a medical spray, possibly coupled with a bandage

Home Use Inhalation

Pressurized inhaler

Vaginal Use

Specialized applicator utilizing a Hydro Gel

Clinical Inhalation

Dropper bottle for use with nebulizer

Eye Drop

Case of 20x 5ml eye droppers


Cream / Lotion/ Serum

Dermatology/Aesthetic for post skin treatment


Nasal Spray

Squeeze spray bottle for nasal inhalation

Ear Drops

Dropper bottle with calibrated dropper

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