When People Become a Team

I talk about my team. Using the word team is a conscious action – it means something. The other day I posted about the great work my team at Medcillary was doing out in the field to take care of customers. This morning I saw a social media post from a guy talking about the people that work for him. 

There are sociological manifestations that define a team – camaraderie, collaboration, working towards a common goal. The success of a team is driven by the members’ collective ability to come together. As a leader, it is your responsibility to promote those behaviors. 

When you’re a team at business everybody plays a part in the growth and evolution of the organization. Believing they are a team is essential. You, as a leader, have to believe in order for the people in your office to truly work as a team. That belief manifests itself in many ways – one of those ways is using the word. When the team hears and sees you referring to them as such it helps builds a sense of partnership that turns people into teams. 


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