Surgical Services

We’re doing it. A true surgery service model where we’re working for the doctor not the device company. Real physician partnership. Medcillary offers surgeons the prospect of a dedicated clinician working for them, not the manufacturer. A one-stop-shop where surgeons, surgery centers and hospitals can get everything they need.

Eliminate crowded O.R.’s with multiple reps. Imagine an efficient, physician and patient focused environment where a dedicated, personal clinician knows and cares exactly what the surgeon wants and needs. From implants, to biologics to hardware. Medcillary is making medicine better.

Medcillary makes you more efficient, effective and successful by creating a customized plan for your procedures. From that plan, you receive a unique link to Medcillary’s exclusive one-click online ordering portal – healthcare’s easiest, best procedure prep platform.


Surgery v. Sales Call Solutions by Medcillary

Medcillary offers surgeons the prospect of a dedicated clinician working for them, not the manufacturer.

What is One-Click Ordering?

Medcillary will change the way you schedule

One-Click Ordering is Medcillary’s exclusive online platform. With your practice specific log-in, you will see all your procedures displayed on one page. The click of a button shows you everything you need for that procedure – from implants to instruments, biologics and DME.

Ordering efficiency, eliminate mistakes, customizable to your needs.


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- Total Knee Replacement

- Total Hip Replacement

- Bipolar Hip Procedures

- Uni Knee Procedures

- Plates and Screws

- Cannulated Screws

- Bunionectomy Procedures

- Joint Fractures 

- Haglund Deformity Resection

- Ankle Arthrodesis Procedures

- Tendon Repairs

- Amnio Patch

- Amnio Injection

- ACL Graft Porcine

- Dermis Patch

General Bracing
    • - Shoulder Braces
    • - Knee Braces
    • - Wrist Braces
    • - Ankle Braces
    • - Slings
Back Braces
    • - TLSO
    • - LSO

On-site diagnostic services using state of the art technologies to support practice efficiency, increase patient care and satisfaction and ensure regulatory compliance.




We offer a wide array of instrumentation and implants to meet the surgeon’s specific needs.


Spinal systems that offer a wide variety of fixation for various types of anatomy

Medcillary offers ancillary sports medicine services to help physicians care for all patients in all cases, customizing the care as much as needed.

We offer implants designed by surgeons for surgeons. They create less trauma and allow the surgeon to be more efficient in the operating room.

Medcillary provides multiple options for our surgeons from fracture management to total shoulders. We also have MIS intraoperative options for our surgeons during surgery.

Medcillary has trauma-focused surgical services and systems created to support your unique trauma needs.



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