Surgical Services

Surgical Services

Hardware, implants and biologics proven to better patient outcomes and drive operating room efficiency – superior manufacturing technology, engineering and biologic research.

Carbon Fiber Implants
State-of-the-art carbon fiber implants with superior fatigue resistance, elasticity and radiolucency. Continuous carbon fiber reinforced polymer technology on the cutting edge of orthopedics.

Micro-Optic Imaging
Arthroscopic imaging in the palm os a surgeon’s hand – right in the office exam room.

Surgical Kits
Ready-for-Surgery™ presterilized and packed surgical hardware that reduces the overall cost of providing patient care by eliminating set repurposing expenses and preventing costly OR delays.

On-site diagnostic services using state of the art technologies to support practice efficiency, increase patient care and satisfaction and ensure regulatory compliance.

Turn-Key Program

On Staff Neurologist

Emphasis on Patient Safety

Medcillary provides access to biological products that are consistently shown to improve patient outcomes in many surgery scenarios.

Amniotic Membrane:

Extracellular membrane allograft derived from amniotic tissue. Used in treatment of damaged dermal and soft tissue. Provides a barrier to reduce scar tissue formation.

Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM):

Safe, efficient and convenient surgical options. Composed of human bone. Fills boney voids or gaps in the skeletal system.

Amniotic Injectable:

An amniotic fluid derived allograft for homologous use to protect and cushion, provide lubrication, and reduce inflammation.

Synthetic grafts:

Mechanically strong, biocompatible to human tissue, predictable degradation.


We offer a wide array of instrumentation and implants to meet the surgeon’s specific needs.

MIS spinal systems

Spinal systems that offer a wide variety of fixation for various types of anatomy

Designed to preserve bone stock, to be consistent and to accommodate your patient’s anatomy and needs.

Designed to address rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot surgical needs. Achieve efficient & stable outcomes for surgery. We also offer comprehensive surgical technical guides for each plating system.

Medcillary offers ancillary sports medicine services to help physicians care for all patients in all cases, customizing the care as much as needed.

We offer implants designed by surgeons for surgeons. They create less trauma and allow the surgeon to be more efficient in the operating room.

Medcillary provides multiple options for our surgeons from fracture management to total shoulders. We also have MIS intraoperative options for our surgeons during surgery.

Medcillary has trauma-focused surgical services and systems created to support your unique trauma needs.

Intramedullary Fixation System

Extramedullary Fixation

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