Scoping Up $60 Million in Healthcare Savings: A Tiny Camera’s Big Impact

DALLAS, T.X., Feb. 4, 2020What if you didn’t have to go to a hospital or imaging center to find out what’s wrong with your knee? What if the doctor could see and show you exactly what’s happening inside your knee, shoulder or elbow in real-time with picture quality like Sunday Night Football? 

The answer, VisionScope®, is on display this Friday and Saturday at the Texas Orthopedic Association’s annual meeting at the Westin Riverwalk in San Antonio.

The Impacts of VisionScope

“VisionScope is a state-of-the-art micro-optic video system that allows surgeons to get clear, minimally invasive arthroscopic images right in their office,” said Medcillary CEO Jon Boski. “Without having to write costly, time-consuming outpatient orders. This is what we look for at Medcillary – innovations that are changing healthcare for the better.”

Better because according to a recent study, in-office needle-arthroscopy can save the US healthcare system up to $60 million annually by shortening the “diagnostic odyssey” for patients, better preparing clinicians and eliminating unnecessary outpatient procedures which “commonly result in surgical intervention”.

“This is money that stays in the patient’s pocket,” said Medcillary Surgical Director Sam Taylor. “With this technology, a 1.9mm-diameter endoscopic system produces high-definition, diagnostic-quality images that bring joint condition and pathology to life for physicians – allowing them to make better, more informed decisions, faster.”

Taylor says more than two million arthroscopic surgeries are performed annually in the United States. Typically, 3-4 diagnostic procedures are performed separate from surgery in order to determine a patient’s appropriate treatment path. Accompanying these pre-operative procedures can be an equal number of physician office visits to evaluate test results. VisionScope he says, changes that by potentially providing patients immediate answers in a single visit and rendering some surgeries unnecessary.

About Medcillary

Medcillary is a Dallas, Texas-based one-stop-shop for healthcare solutions. Founded in 2015, Medcillary identifies innovation, delivering cutting-edge products and services to physicians today so they are ready for tomorrow. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of incorporating VisionScope into your scope of practice.


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