Medcillary Ramps Up PPE for Production Companies

Helping Crews Start Rolling Again

August 28, 2020 (Dallas, TX) – Television and movie crews are returning to sets and Medcillary is stepping up to make sure the pandemic is not a problem. The Dallas based healthcare consultancy and distributorship today announced the launch of a PPE arm tailored for the very specific needs of television and film production.

“Reliability and fast turnarounds,” said Medcillary CEO Jon Boski. “It’s another industry with niche needs inside a new product arena they never before had to consider.”

Boski says Medcillary has seen this a lot over the course of the on-going coronavirus catastrophe – businesses that never conceived of something like PPE suddenly being an essential ingredient for operation. Medcillary’s television and film production PPE arm operates in partnership with its consumer, healthcare, restaurant, school and health club PPE distribution channels formed since March to address specific requests from businesses unfamiliar with the world of personal protective equipment.

“As a healthcare company that has been dealing with things like PPE for years, we’re positioned to help. It’s the right thing to do,” Boski says.

Much like getting kids back to school, considering getting the camaras rolling has not happened without concern and some controversy. With average production crews ranging vastly in size from a dozen to 600 people, depending on the nature of the shoot, fears for COVID spread can be great and the questions of how to handle the situation are even greater.

Boski says his team is set to help get a handle on the situation.

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