Israeli Medical Device Company Partners with Dallas Based Medcillary

Joins Forces on New Carbon Fiber Surgical Product

It’s the first advancement in surgical hardware technology in three decades. Dallas based Medcillary has been selected to join the worldwide distributer network bringing it to market.

The innovation is carbon fiber – it’s ten times smaller than a human hair, technology once reserved for aerospace and racecars. Israeli medical device manufacturer Carbo-Fix has perfected a continuous strand carbon fiber reinforced polymer for engineering incredibly strong, radiolucent surgical implants.

“It’s a game changer in the operating room,” said Medcillary CEO Jon Boski. “The stainless steel and titanium that dominate the industry today are thirty-year-old science. With all the developments in medicine, it’s astounding nothing new and better has come around until now.”

Medcillary is a North Dallas based healthcare solutions consultancy that specializes in the identification and delivery of new technology for physicians. They’ve been around since 2015. Boski says the carbon fiber closely mimics the elasticity and modulation of real bone – far better than surgeons have seen before.

“The amazing thing for surgeons is the radiolucency,” Medcillary Surgical Director Sam Taylor said. “The implants are virtually invisible in x-ray, allowing the doctor to see fractures and watch healing happen.”

“It is fifty-times stronger than steel. If you’re a patient it has the potential to dramatically speed up recovery times,” said Kirk Hitt, vice-president at Carbo-Fix.

About Medcillary

Medcillary is the one-stop-shop for healthcare solutions. Founded in 2015, Medcillary provides cutting-edge services and products to physicians today so they are ready for tomorrow. The company can be found on the Web at It operates in forty-nine states from offices in Dallas, Texas – driving efficiency and promoting compliance and clinical relevance.