Pharmacy Relationship Management


Our Pharmacy Team spends a lot of time pouring over spreadsheets. The team spends no time counting pills and they don’t wear white lab coats. Yet, countless people in dozens of states across the country depend on them every day to ensure their prescriptions are filled and their medication arrives on time.

A new member of the team was telling me he was having trouble explaining to a friend what exactly he did in his new job. “Are you a pharmacist,” the friend asked. No, the team is not made up of pharmacists. They’re Pharmacy Relationship Managers. If you’re a physician and need to find a pharmacy to serve your script needs, they’ll connect you with one of our pharmacy partners fitting the specifics of the request.

A lot of the work is specialty mail-order and delivery pharmacy needs for telemedicine or other remote medicine functions. Increasingly, inquiries are more retail in nature – doctors looking to provide their patients with a cost effective, reliable alternative to the big-box prescription services.

What did the newbie on our team tell his friends? “I help people,” he said. When I heard that it brought a smile to my face because I knew we hired the right person. The numbers on those spreadsheets aren’t just numbers, they’re people. What seems at first glance to be a mundane, possibly mind-numbing role is really a rewarding corner of the healthcare world a lot of people don’t even know exists: Pharmacy Relationship Management.

The role is rewarding because you’re finding solutions that make people’s lives better.

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