More Than Ancillary Medicine

You probably get from the name Medcillary that we operate in the arena of what is typically referred to as ancillary medicine. It’s a piece of what we do, but you will never hear our team use the word ancillary or refer to what we do as ancillary medicine – because it’s not.

The term ancillary gets a bad rap. Many physicians will tell you they don’t need or want ancillary services in their practice. An ancillary service by definition is extra, not essential to the care of the patient.  

The physician services Medcillary provides serve a clinically relevant purpose that meaningfully enhances patient care. We select our service partners based on that clinical relevance. At Medcillary, we look at the “care value” the service provides the patient and physician:

Does it profoundly enrich the patient exam clinically, informationally or through greater efficiency for the physician?

The history of “ancillary” medicine is strewn with services once viewed as non-essential that are now fundamental elements of a doctor visit. At Medcillary, we’re identifying those cutting-edge services today, so physicians are ready for tomorrow.  


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