Volume 1 / Issue 3
5 Words to Avoid to Increase Sales!

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5 Words to Avoid to Increase Sales!Communication is the sales expert’s main tool. A good communicator can make the difference between a non-sale and hearing the words “sold”. Becoming too comfortable can be just as much of an issue as being too uptight with complacent language being one of the biggest complaints among customers. Here are the 5 most mis-used words in sales pitches which can turn-off clients in an instant.

#1. “Obviously”
“Obviously” sounds vague at best and patronizing at worst. If you have to explain something, it probably wasn’t obvious to the client. Dissect your pitch and find out where your explanations could be clearer.

#2. “No problem at all”
If you find yourself using this tired old phrase fairly often, it’s probably because you feel obliged towards your customers for the job you are carrying out for them. Sales jobs can be challenging and some clients can demand more than others, but in their opinion, what you are doing for them is a part of your job so naturally, it isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a problem.

#3. “To be honest…”
Either you’re lying now or you were lying before. Your entire conversation should be genuine and pointing out that you’re being honest only makes you sound dishonest. Honestly.

#4. “Umm”
“Umm”, “Erm” and “Ahh…” are all noises a client hates to hear. Filling up the spaces in your pitch with background thinking sounds appears unprofessional and can be very disengaging. The worst thing is the more you say it, the less you realize how prevalent it is in conversation.

#5. “Basically”
A lot of the things said in a sales pitch might be simple for the salesperson to understand, but this might be the first time the customer has heard of anything like what you’re proposing. “Basically” is often used wrongly in place of more helpful terms like “in other words” or “to put it another way”. Unfortunately the word itself can sound like quite a put-down, especially when twinned with a confident attitude and pushy manner. Your customers are not stupid, so don’t treat them as such!

All of these words and phrases can easily be substituted and omitted from sales pitches and conversations, so there really is no excuse to be breaking the rules laid out here. All salespeople should be enthusiastic about providing the best services to their customers and this relationship starts from the very first meeting.

Cut these know-it-all phrases out and see what a difference it makes to your sales figures!