Volume 1 / Issue 2
Changes to Medicare Toxicology Reimbursement

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The landscape for reimbursement with Toxicology Testing will be changing in 2016. Medicare is taking the first step to reduce reimbursement for toxicology panels with the expected reduction to be around 50%. As our promise to you to provide transparency with changing industry trends, it is imperative for you to review your 2016 business plan and make the necessary changes around targeting and marketing. We have been aware of this possibility and have hedged the business with new products/services that will help offset this loss for your business. We will be rolling these items out in the near future!

5 Tips to STOP BEING SCATTERED and INCREASE Performance!

    1. Set a deadline. You can accomplish most anything within a month (get fit, learn a language, write a novel). Work on a one to three month cycle for an account planning the execution items with specific information (date of execution, resources needed, key individuals) If you really work at it and really want it, you can accomplish it in three months or less.


    1. Schedule goal work on your calendar. Build specific times at which you will perform the new behavior or perform specific tasks. After a while you will do it without having to waste energy thinking about it. If it isn’t scheduled or if it isn’t habit, it won’t get done. Make set-in-stone appointments and put them on your calendar, so that at 6:00am you are always exercising, 9:00 a.m. you are always at your first meeting, and at 3:00 p.m. you are always picking up your kids.


    1. Know when to quit. Workaholics and perfectionists drain their life energy by working at 100%. After your projects are 75% complete, perfectionism kicks in. If your project is optimal at 75%, it’s good enough. Work to the ‘good enough’ peak, not to what you think is 100%. Your 100% is way past optimal. Energy spent beyond optimal energy results in wasted energy and potentially diminished returns.


    1. Hook your new actions into what you’re already doing. Schedule the behavior you want to increase by pairing it with a habit already established. Habit strength will transfer to the new action. If you always wash your face in the morning, attach 20 reps of hand weights into that ritual. If you work from home attach 5 sales calls to each cup of espresso you make.


  1. Don’t share your goal with anyone else. You might think that if you share your goals or plans, it will increase commitment. On the contrary. Studies show that people who talk about their intentions are less likely to make them happen. Announcing your plans to others satisfies your ego just enough that you’re less motivated to do the hard work needed.

If you are telling yourself right now: “I already know these things.” You’re right, you know about them but if your performance isn’t where you want it to be, you don’t really know it. Because you are not ‘doing’ it. For once, discipline yourself to take the “right” actions. Be one of the top performers who use their time and focus well.