President and Founder
Jon Boski, is an experienced President and CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Jon is skilled in Market Planning, Business Planning, Financial analysis, Coaching, and Sales. A strong entrepreneurship professional with a BBA focused in Marketing and Management from the University of Oklahoma.

Medcillary was founded on two key principles: compliance and clinical relevance with a focus on offering superior and innovative healthcare products aligned to meet the needs of the physicians in our communities, while leading the way for business development and operational excellence through honesty and integrity with our strategic partners.

The core values of transparency, integrity, customer focus, respect, commitment and pursuit of excellence are an integral part of Medcillary. The vision of the company is to be the most successful and respected medical ancillary solution company in the world.

Jon states, “Medcillary is founded on providing clinically relevant ancillary solutions for physician partners. We are always looking into additional opportunities to challenge our growth!”


Vice President of Operations
Shad Watson is responsible for clinical operations with a focus on the oversight of resourcing, developing, training and managing a successful medical ancillary operations team. He is responsible for developing long-term relationships with sales representatives, vendor partners, clinical field staff and connecting with key business executives. Shad is accountable for the leadership, strategic planning, oversight, execution of clinical ancillary programs and the management of staff responsible for multiple areas and projects. Finally, he is responsible for the operational delivery of services to Medcillary clients and affiliates to ensure added value within each ancillary division.

Shad has been in the medical industry for over 17 years. His experience entails a successful track record in sales, marketing, venture partnerships, training, product introduction, clinical and technical protocols, and regulatory compliance. His primary focus has been to partner with physicians to integrate good, sound medicine through effective models to enhance practice economics.

Shad “looks for honesty, integrity and an ambitious drive to succeed. With our team, everyone brings strengths that are unique to them. No matter the role, I look forward to their contributions through new ideas and growing our company’s culture.”

Fresh perspectives and additional elements to the Medcillary family is what Shad is all about!


RJ Jones, Foremost, we would like to thank RJ for his service to our country with the 5 years that he spent in the US Navy. In the Navy, he obtained his certification as an Operating Room Technician and Emergency Medical Technician.

For the past 20 years, RJ’s successes and experiences have been in the operating suite from a technical, clinical, training, and sales capacity. RJ has obtained certifications from Zimmer, Stryker, and Excel Orthopedics (DJO), with a focus on orthopedic implants and medical devices.

Madelyn Dunnington

Executive Assistant

After graduating from Baylor University and marrying her best friend, Madelyn began her career at Medcillary. Prior to Medcillary, Madelyn worked as a counselor for a brief time before she was promoted as the director’s assistant. She also has a background in event planning. “I am passionate about gathering people to celebrate an occasion.” Hired at an upscale even planning company in Dallas, her attention to detail and work ethic sharpened.

Madelyn joined Medcillary to become the President’s “right hand.” Her responsibilities within the company include but are not limited to ensuring that the calendar, email, organization and all other duties assist the company in moving forward. It is important to Madelyn that she “knows and helps the President stay engaged with the individuals he meets and keeps those relationships ongoing. “It is also my role to be the President’s eyes and ears throughout the office, always looking for ways to improve.”

Madelyn’s thoughts about the company and her role are summed up in this statement. “Although I have only been here a short time, the company seems to be incredible. The people are honest, positive, and have a great work ethic. It is a pleasure to work for someone like Jon who is passionate about what he does and truly cares about the people he works with, whether it is a business partner or an employee of his own. Jon’s success is my success. I feel that I have been successful when Jon is able to do the things he loves the most such as pursue new partners, maintain good relationships, and move forward in growing his business. He is able to do that when I take on the time consuming details that come with growing a company such as Medcillary. It is such a joy for me to continue to learn new ways and systems to make things more organized and able to move quick and efficiently.”

Chanel Patel

Account Manager

Medcillary introduces Chanel Patel, Account Manager, to the company. Chanel is responsible for developing long-term relationships with sales representatives, vendor partners, clinical field staff and connecting with key business executives. This position acts as a liaison between customers and cross-functional internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to customer needs. Finally, this position is responsible for leading and implementing special projects within key business units and coming up with creative ways to increase sales and build relationships while providing the best possible care for our clinician’s patients.

Chanel’s work as a former Assistant Manager of Nursing support systems at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas influenced her experience at Medcillary.

Chanel states, “The integrity, values, and transparency are held to a very high standard which I think in return will help the company be as successful as possible. Medcillary provides a great work environment, they listen to their employees, take the teams’ opinions, thoughts and suggestions into consideration. In addition, they try to make work pleasant, comfortable, and provide employees with as much as they can to make their employees happy.”


Administrative Specialist
Dr. Elaine Zweig is responsible for the technical writing side of the company. Press releases, articles and social media are her responsibilities at Medcillary.

Coming from an education background, Elaine states that this role as a “technical writer” works well with her writing side and challenges her to be a part of the business world. “I am challenged to create pieces that will be read by sales representatives, physicians and business women and men. This is a new world for me and I strive daily to write Medcillary into a national company.”

Her role at Medcillary is part time since she works as a professor at a college. When she is not working, Elaine enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family and her grandchildren.

Elaine Zweig states,“What a unique opportunity I have been given to use my talents and skill set as an educator in an entirely different capacity.” I know that I have much to contribute to Medcillary, but Medcillary has given me a unique business experience and opportunity.”


Director of Recruitment
Medcillary introduces Ryan Singh, Director of Recruitment. Ryan is responsible for building Medcillary’s Recruiting and Marketing divisions. His previous positions include Vice President of Marketing, and 19 years of sales, management and marketing experience.

Ryan is excited to “join this great team and hep Medcillary grow nationally.” His enthusiasm and energy for what he brings to the table is contagious. “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Besides building the recruitment and marketing divisions of Medcillary, Ryan finds time to volunteer for Blinded Veterans Association, the Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue, and the North Texas Food Bank. He states that his hobbies include “racing the President of Medcillary around the office on hover boards” and “running with his dog, Bear.” With the job, Ryan has, it appears that he needs a hover board to keep up with the growth of the company as he propels it forward nationally.


Administrative Assistant
Medcillary introduces Vanessa Jimenez to the team as Administrative Assistant. Vanessa will be working closely with Medcillary’s Executive Assistant in an administrative capacity. She will also be bringing knowledge on social media marketing!

Vanessa’s past position was Marketing Coordinator at the Gladys Porter Zoo. She was responsible for ensuring that fundraisers were well attended and all ran smoothly for volunteers, patrons and vendors. “I am excited to bring all that I learned about marketing, organization and efficiency to this role at Medcillary.”

The Medcillary team has a great energy that encourages staff to contribute to the best of one’s ability and encourages all to be team players. Success, to Vanessa, involves creating efficient administrative and marketing systems that are solid yet adaptable as Medcillary continues to grow!

Singing in the Women’s Chorus of Dallas, going to the farmer’s market and power walking the mall while wearing her hot pink fanny pack are a few of Vanessa’s hobbies! Vanessa, welcome to the Medcillary zoo!


Health Care Recruiter
Medcillary introduces Christopher Keitt, Health Care Recruiter, to the company celebrating his first thirty days and his birthday! Chris is an accomplished recruiting professional/ Account Manager for small, mid-sized, large domestic, multi-state and global companies. His experience with firms in Consumer Services, Construction, Biotechnology / Life Sciences, Healthcare, Information Technology / (IT) and Software Development demonstrates a proven track record using a broad range of recruiting methods for full life-cycle recruiting. Chris utilizes several resources to maintain up to date on industry trends, and works collaboratively with others to proactively network and maintain ongoing relationships with candidates and colleagues. With a strong customer service orientation consultative approach, paired with integrity and transparency, Christopher ensures that his hires support the clients business objectives. In his spare time, Chris likes to fish and work out.

“Medcillary is a great company… I can say that without a doubt this is one of, if not the best company I’ve worked for. Great company infrastructure, atmosphere , transparency and overall pleasant people to be around and work with. My role here is a lot more involved than what you sometimes have when working for a staffing agency, which I like because you really get to build and maintain relationships with employees and candidates, when you’re in this industry relationships are 90% of it. Also I can see the company vision and I want to be a part of it, this has been my first opportunity to get with a growing company that is doing everything right, which is great and glad to be a part of and hope to continue to be a part of.”