Laboratory Diagnostics

Blood Diagnostics

Patient Wellness Monitoring

  •   Comprehensive and Patient Friendly Results
  •   Seamless Establishment of Medical Necessity and Coding for Insurance Carriers
  •   Customizable Panels


Medication Monitoring

  •   Comprehensive Panels
  •   Customized Solutions Designed to Minimize Patient Care
  •   EMR Integrating Available

Blood Allergy Testing

Innovative tests to aid in the diagnosis of allergies and autoimmune disorders.

  •   Regional Inhalants
  •   Food Allergens
  •   Autoimmune Profiles
  •   GI Distress profile

Women’s Health

Comprehensive menu of services beneficial to OB/GYN clinicians.

  •   Hepatitis C
  •   Liquid Based PAP Screening
  •   HPV & Vaginitis Testing
  •   Surgical Pathology, Breast & Urine Cytology

Prenatal Laboratory Services

Screen and diagnose existing problems that may affect the mother’s or baby’s health.

  •   Genetic Carrier Screens
  •   Chromosomal & Genetic Tests(NIPT & AFP)
  •   Zika Virus Screening
  •   Gender Determination

Cancer Genomics

Revealing abnormalities in genes that drive the development and growth of many types of cancer.

  •   Hereditary and Tumor Panels
  •   Free In-House Genetic Counseling (for Practitioner and Patient)


Medication Metabolization Test

  •   Increase Patient Safety and Medication Efficacy
  •   Enhance Treatment Guidance
  •   Patient and Medication Management Tool

Other Products / Services

A/R Forensic Recovery Services

Recovering Lost Insurance Revenue

  •   Free “WOW” Report Analysis
  •   Zero Up Front Cost
  •   Sophisticated Technology Algorithms
  •   Post Recovery Prevention of Accounts Receivable

Specialty Pharmacy & Compounding

Utilizing only FDA-approved ingredients, our pharmacies specialize in providing patient specific, customized therapies designed to improve your patients’ quality of life.

  •   High Adjudication Rates
  •   FDA-Approved Medications
  •   Personalized Rx

Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM)

On-site diagnostic services using state of the art technologies to support practice efficiency, increase patient care / satisfaction and ensure regulatory compliance.

  •   Turn Key Program
  •   On Staff Neurologist
  •   Emphasis on Patient Safety

Medical / Surgical Devices

Surgical implant products that are specifically designed for our surgical partners.

  •   Utilizing FDA Approved Medical Instrumentation to Create a Precise Outcome in Surgery
  •   Easy to Use, Reproducible, and Creates a Great Fit for Your Surgical Needs


An amniotic fluid derived allograft for homologous use and an amniotic membrane allograft for spinal surgical barrier applications. DBM (demineralized bone matrix) indications: cavitary defects, fracture repair and fusion procedures.

  •   Reduce Inflammation
  •   Enhance Healing
  •   Reduce Scar Tissue Formation

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

  •   Medical Supplies
  •   Functional Bracing
  •   Competitive Pricing and a High Level of Customer Service