A Chronic Care Management Program That Works

Chronic Care Management THAT WORKS
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One in four adults has two or more Chronic Conditions. That is an estimated 117 million adults. In 2014, the estimated total annual costs of readmissions for Medicare was $26 billion, with $17 billion of that considered avoidable costs. Coordinated care means you will get personal attention and help. Chronic Care Management gives you the security in knowing that a comprehensive care plan, at least 20 minutes a month of chronic care help, and regular check-ins by phone through this partnership.

chronic care management program

In partnership with Medcillary, CareExpands Chronic Care Management program will establish a personalized, comprehensive care plan with coordinated care transitions to and from specialists, the hospital, or other providers. Rest assured, with round-the-clock access to clinical staff who can access records and check your plan daily, patient care will no longer slip through the cracks. There is complete access to the Care Plan in a Chronic Care Management web portal and a certified electronic health record to better manage all clinical information. Chronic Care Management takes care of the work to ease this process for medical doctors.


This Medicare program seeks to elevate care and devote more time on the one thing that matters most-making clients healthier. The goals of a Chronic Care Management program are to avoid any expensive and distressing visits to the hospital. Regular communication between doctor’s visits will help keep the patient and doctor on track and stay focused on health. A specified plan will manage and improve health, quality of life, and ensure a high quality of care. The clinical staff will help make the best choices for your health all from the comfort of home.

Chronic Care Management for Physicians

Furthermore, Chronic Care Management is a way to keep up with the ever-changing criteria required by MIPS and MACRA metrics.  With detailed reporting and easily accessible data, Chronic Care Management is an easy solution for healthcare providers and their administrative staff.  By eliminating the workload required to keep up with such records, staff and doctors are able to focus more on patient care, rather than boatloads of paperwork.

chronic care management medcillary

Medcillary can assist in implementing this state of the art Chronic Care Management program for doctors and healthcare providers, thus making quality care a number one priority!

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