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Volume 1 / Issue 1
Why The Newsletter?

  You are receiving the first EVER newsletter…”The Medcillary Minute.” This will be a global platform that will allow us to communicate with you every other week to provide Sales Tips & Strategies, relevant scientific studies, industry news, company news, book reviews, etc. The goal is to utilize this newsletter to provide skill enhancements and motivation to help you grow your business! Any and all recommendations and/or thoughts to maximize the effectiveness of this newsletter want to be heard. Please…

Volume 1 / Issue 2
Changes to Medicare Toxicology Reimbursement

The landscape for reimbursement with Toxicology Testing will be changing in 2016. Medicare is taking the first step to reduce reimbursement for toxicology panels with the expected reduction to be around 50%. As our promise to you to provide transparency with changing industry trends, it is imperative for you to review your 2016 business plan and make the necessary changes around targeting and marketing. We have been aware of this possibility and have hedged the business with new products/services that…

Volume 1 / Issue 3
5 Words to Avoid to Increase Sales!

5 Words to Avoid to Increase Sales!Communication is the sales expert’s main tool. A good communicator can make the difference between a non-sale and hearing the words “sold”. Becoming too comfortable can be just as much of an issue as being too uptight with complacent language being one of the biggest complaints among customers. Here are the 5 most mis-used words in sales pitches which can turn-off clients in an instant. #1. “Obviously” “Obviously” sounds vague at best and patronizing…